Postcards from Paris

I last posted in 2015. I’ll not get into the weeds with tech discussions, saving that for later or never.

The whole point of photography is to engage the viewer. Whatever vocabulary and how rich it is makes the difference between a takeout order and a conversation.

I’ve been getting educated and doing new work. Paris FR 28 Mar 2023.

I’m still percolating from my Paris visit. Hadn’t been in Paris since summer 1976. I’ll keep it brief.

Much is made about Parisians being assholes to tourists. My FR pal Chris [Bordeaux, now Long Beach] jokingly says “oh hell, Parisians are assholes to other FR people”

I had a great time with Parisians. I used my maternal grandfather’s 1917 kit, when fresh out of the USNA, posted in La Rochelle, would open with “Bon jour! Je ne parl Francaise” This opened doors w grizzled FR peasants that his language-major classmates couldn’t get. It worked for me.

That’s Item 1.

Item 2: “Pretend it’s a city”. TYVM Fran Liebowitz for that one. Get out of the way.

Item 3: Pay attention while in line.

Item 4: maybe this should be top of list. Start learning the language, one word at a time. I listened to the Metro announcers and learned “Les Halles” is LEE ALLS.



I’ve arrived at Gare d’Lyon. It’s a seething anthill. How the fuck do I get a NaviGo? I’m not gonna get a magical mystery tour $$$ cab ride, because I know that my hotel is a straight shot on the #3 line. I need to solve 2 problems here. Finally I get a clutch of paper tickets. Worse case scenario, stocking stuffers, right?

At the turnstile, and one ticket after the other is rejected. I wave people past, see Item 2. Finally this nice couple says “hey, jump the turnstile” DONE.

Next day I got the NaviGo, swapped out the bum tickets for fresh ones, and I was off to the races.

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