baba jr in venezia

I am a freelance design/ad agency Mac-based pre-press expert. In other words, I am a digital plumber. Before the Mac, it was a blood-sport with sharp knives, hot wax and various toluene sprays and solvents.

Sept 2010

I first wrote that in  mid-2007. Things have changed since then. The pre-press work has largely gone away. I’ve become far more engaged in the film/digital fun-space; where film-based photography is brought into the digital workflow. This is the best of all possible worlds—where the magnificence of film and its wide-spectrum of deliciousness is treated in the Realm Of The Square-Headed Girlfriend. The best place to see these are in the settling dish, here.

In my workaday life I make war on bad art director/designer layouts inside IDCS4 and up. For some reason I’d thought that the Quark “DuctTape Xtension”, and its handmaiden, Baseline Shift had gone away. Oh no, they live on.

When not doing this cheez, I live outdoors. I read widely, and am interested in everything except television and professional sports.

If you have a moment, check out my book “LA1980: a photo memoir”

a photo memoir
By Larry Gassan

6 responses to “Origins

  1. Have you ever heard of any one printing a CMYK job with a fluorescent cyan, fluorescent magenta, fluorescent yellow and black?


  2. You, sir, have restored my faith in humanity. At least, the educated, articulate and trenchant portions of it. My hat is off to you, should I ever put one on.


  3. Hi, MPP,
    I stumbled upon your site, and my comments/questions are concerning your “Faking It” photo of Kim Jong Il. While I agree with your premise of photo-faking concerning dictators, et al., the question is: Is the close-up detail of KJI used to illustrate the point supposed to be from the group shot above? If so, those, too, are different shots. The officers flanking KJI are different from the CU, as are the shadows on the wall behind. Can you shed some light on this?


  4. Mr Morgan has raised a very valid point. I first saw the source images from the Foreign Policy Blog Passport, and later the BBC via the Aquent blog.

    So on closer examination, there are two faked photos.

    The upper photo has officers wearing Soviet-style officer billed hats. The enlargement has officers wearing ushankas and uniforms with Sam Browne belts.

    The only constant is KJI in that crappy mackintosh. On a badly retouched background.


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