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Official flag of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA

131126_flagOfficial flag of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA.

The iconic Gauloise package occupies the canton space, balanced by the iconic espresso cup. The flag is divided into two bands—the rich burnt umber background references the mythic adobe, and the Intelligentsia coffee house, while the foreground green and yellow signify the dynamic tensions between creativity and maybe getting paid for it.

Franklin Hills and Los Feliz separatists decry the presence of the iconic Gauloises on the flag, agitating for an empowered yoga betty with affirmational colors in the flag, etc. Echo Park partisans were infuriated at the non-representation of PBR, but were detoured by bootlegged Coachella tickets.

Of course if any hipster actually smoked a Gauloise, they’d probably fall right over and die, as their American Spirits are an insufficient starter.