Invisible Client Gifts, And Why I Don’t Give Them

Vacant store-front holiday tableau, Westport CT. NYC & CT December 2011

Client holiday gifts are real tricky. And gifts to 3rd parties “in the name-of” are also something to be approached with extreme caution. On the face of it, it’s “Aw, gee, I’m glad that Charity X got $” can be idealistically heart-warming and so on. The flip side is that the “gift” is invisible, not trackable, and open to the dark notion that perhaps nothing at all was truly given.


 What I do is send the client a copy of a book I’ve done that year. Its tangible, its not going to get them drunk if they’re AA, fat if they’re worried about that, and presents your creativity in a different light [perhaps] than what the scope of work calls for.
For instance:


“R2R0: anacardiumphilia”

R2R0: Anacardiumphilia, the artist’s exhibition catalog

…and my first book, “LA1980: a photo memoir”

LA1980: a photo memoir
Yes, that is a shameless plug for me. But these are concrete objects that they can hold in their hands. Let the Dalai Lama sweat the metaphysical crap, we’re here to solve other problems.

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