Vortex Theory of Chaos And Incompetence


This diagram is a way of explaining what can happen in the design/print production experience. Its also to show that things aren’t entirely grim here at “Mr Pre-Press Speaks!”

This schematic was drawn in 1990 using analog technology. However,  all the working parts are unchanged. Avoid sticking your fingers in the moving parts.

One response to “Vortex Theory of Chaos And Incompetence

  1. Ah, a las dear Yorick, it be tangled in a Siber-ian virtual, Vulcan planettoid. From BumF__K Egypt no doubt! Probably to much Cheese yesterday, and the day before, and the day…….ya know? Final notes: What does Selling Pizza and book binding have in common? U’ll 1/2 2 rebuttle to get da answer. 218 KOI over and out


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